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                                                        ...We do breed on the highest level...

Breeding and sport are inseparable to us, most of our mares did compete successfully up to advanced level in jumping. By this sportive use we got a lot of informations about their positive points and their weakness´s.

Also our foundation mares were showed 40 years ago, ridden by Jan Lüneburg, just before they started breeding. The know how about their genetics and their own performance, especially over more than one generation is the base of a good and successful breeding program because in breeding there is nothing accidental.

A first class sport horse has to have- besides a good jumping quality, rideability and good attitude- health and firmness. This part we have in mind as soon as we chose our mares and their matching stallion, also an almost perfect raising is essential. All broodmares, youngsters and training horses go on pasture or paddock every day of the year, winter included.

Only like this, the breeding of quality sports horses with good health, good attitude and long sportive live is possible.

The responsible of our breeding program is: Karin Lüneburg +49 (0) 15116782017 info@stall-lueneburg.de



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Familie Lüneburg

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