Since many years we do sell Holsteiner horses which were raised and trained at our barn, healthy and good trained. These horses normally do come out of our own breeding, or other breeders do ask us to train their youngsters for them.

At our farm you will find first class foals, broodmares, wonderful amateur horses and high talented show jumper for international courses.

To help our clients to find together with their new partner, we offer an "aftersales" package which includes the care after the sale (lessons, clinics, training and riding of the horses, competition management)

Many of the horses sold by us have found their way up to the international show grounds.

If you want to by a horse( or sell one) , just let us know!

                                               Rasmus Lüneburg +49 170 5411992



RAGAZZO Ricardo x Rembrandt
- 1990 most expensive horse at the Neumünster Auktion
- successful in Nation Cups ridden by Andreas Ripke
LARAMY Landgraf x Colt
- successful in USA World Cup

 LANDSDOWN Landgraf x Fra Diavolo

- Vice federal champion ridden by Franke Sloothaak, after that most expensive horse at the PSI Auktion


 CORNIOLA Corrado x Renomee
- Internationa GP winner ( f.e. in Aarhus) ridden by Sören von Rönne and Hendrik Steen Gundersen
 CATANIA - Carthago
-successful international horse ( fe CHIO Aachen) ridden by Sören von Rönne and Patrick Afflerbach
  COOL GIRL - Carthago
- International S**** successful ridden by Patrick Afflerbach
 ALCANTARA - Alcatraz x Joost
- Successful international S*** ridden by Patrick Afflerbach
CARASSINA Concerto II x Lord
- winner of the Deutsche Derby in Hamburg ridden by Thomas Kleis
  ALCANDO Alcatraz x Calando
- Elite-Auktionhorse in Neumünster
- internationally successful in Mexico
 CARLSON - Cassini I
- successful in GP international in Italy
  COLORADO Coronado x Calando
- Successful in USA , GP winner ridden by Mclain Ward and Hendrik Steen Gundersen
CLEARJOLIE I Clearway x Nimmerdor
- Top Auktionshorse in Neumünster
- international successful ridden by Philip Rüping
CORALINA I Coronado x Calando
-victories up to advanced level ridden by Hubert Melzer
CORALINA II Coronado x Calando
  LATIGO Lasino x Contender
- successful up to advanced level ridden by Petra Rüder
PIANA JOENNA Quinar x Concerto II
- successful international S*** ridden by Nisse, f.e ****GP at Balve
  QUINTANO Quantum x Carthago
- International advanced level ridden by Nisse
 PEPITA Carolus x Cor de la Bryere
- International Amateur successful ridden by Annika Drewes
  ELITE Ephebe for Ever x Carry
- competes international Amateur Tours ridden by Niels Ostmeier successfully
  RASCAL Rascalino x Plural
- successful Hunter in USA
  CLEVER Clarimo x Exorbitant
- successful Hunter in USA
  CHUNKY MONKEY Clearway x Richie
- jumping junior level ridden by Valentina Möhrle successfully
 CORTRAZ Corrado x Alcatraz
- successful Hunter in USA
 ZANA MOON Cardenio
- Successful in USA , qualified for the 6yo-Finals
  ALINA Nekton x Cassini I
- in training with Carsten-Otto Nagel , successful in Youngster tour
  JIM KNOPF Clearway x Alcatraz
- qualified for the federal championship 2014, successful in youngster tours, ridden by Kai Schäfer ( Elmgestüt 3 Eichen)
  ZARATE Cassini I x Carpaccio
- successful in USA ridden by Derek Braun


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