Training of Horses

At Hof Idenburg for many years now we train talented show jumpers. Most of all we train our own bred Holstein horses, who are trained with patience and calm by Rasmus Lüneburg and John Walther. They are presented in youngster basic competitions and later on in Small and Big tour. Depending on the quality of the horse, they compete up to international level. Apart from our own horses we also train talented horses for other owners and breeders.

We give a great importance to a slow and solid basic training. All our horses get the time to grow up to the work we require from them. Also we give great importance to the fact that the horse has to be in good shape and care, because only a relaxed and groomed horse is able to work on high level.

To fulfill this need, our horses are used to be in movement as much as possible and to be entertained. All training horses get out of the box at least 3 times a day: riding/ lunging, walker and paddock/ pasture.

Also we try to have the horses socialized with others. If possible they always go out with a horse friend, trying to relax from work. This is not only good for "a clear mind" and a relaxed living, also the health is influenced positively.

                   The person in charge of the training is: Rasmus Lüneburg +49 170 5411992

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