We offer for summer pastures about 80 ha of best march pastures. The pastures are very close to the river Elbe. Mostly a slight breeze is blowing over them, which protects the horses from flies and brakes.

The horses find shelter and protection from sun and rain by the old trees which are everywhere. The fences of the pasture are "horse friendly" or on other places close by natural watercourses.

It is very important for us to ensure, that the areas are never overgrazed. We occupy the pastures with 1-2 horses per ha. The individual pastures are big enough to allow the forming of small groups of horses to learn social behavior.

We accept both, young horses and mares ( with or without foals) in our pastures. Also riding horses "on vacations" are welcome.

Daily monitoring of all horses is a matter of fact.


               Your contact person for the summer pastures is Karin Lüneburg: +49 151 16782017



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Familie Lüneburg

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Mob. +49 151 16782017

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